CTC Solar Solutions is an authorized dealer for AEE Solar and offers a full line of Solar Products and
Services.  CTC Solar Solutions cab perform complete Solar System installations with the expertise required
to ensure the system works properly, as well as integrating the system into all of your existing systems
efficiently, without complications or damaging your existing home.
CTC Solar Solutions Is Proud To Offer The Following Products And Services:

PhotoVoltaic Electric Systems:

  • Grid Tie Systems to supplement your electricity usage.
  • Battery Storage Systems to store and use the electricity when you need it.
  • Off Grid Systems for complete energy independence.

Solar Water Heating Systems:

  • Closed Loop Solar Water Heating Systems for domestic water usage.
  • Solar Water Heaters for swimming pools and spas.
  • Solar floor heating systems.

Solar Air Heating:

  • Direct Solar Hot Air Heating Systems.
  • Passive Design Solar Home Warming.
  • Solar Heat Storage Systems.

Specialty Solar Products:

  • Low Voltage Solar Lighting.
  • Solar Powered Ventilation Systems for Cooling.
  • Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems.
  • Solar Powered Refrigeration Systems.
  • Remote Location Solar Power Supplies.
  • Solar Battery Charging Stations.

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